Have you always wanted to be a real estate investor, but just don’t know where to start? Learn the Steps to Success.

Robin Myers, a seasoned real estate investor and mortgage loan broker will share with you everything you need to know about investing in real estate. The greatest part is the information is all relevant to Eastern New Mexico and West Texas.

• Finding a good investment property    • Inspecting the property  • Calculating Potential Cash flow

• Determining How much to offer  • Finding the right loan    • Income Taxes – will it help me?

• I bought it Now What?   • The number one secret to successful real estate investing

Here we go - now is actually a great time to get into the real estate business, but you have to work a little harder now than before.  With the recent changes in mortgage products, investors are forced to put more money down when purchasing properties.  But if you really want to make money on your properties and keep them long term, that is actually a good thing.  So many people concentrate on finding properties to flip, they  miss one of the best parts of real estate investing; long term income.

So many people found out that their retirements were cut in half with the melt down of the market at the end of 2008.  Sure it might come back; but do you have time to wait?  Had you put your money in real estate and worked to pay off the mortgage debt, you could have excellent, stable income and a 20 - 30% return on your investment.  The rewards are astounding.

Okay so you say; I don't want to be a landlord; or I don't know how to be a landlord.  That's okay; that should not be a reason to take real estate investing off of your list.  You just have to find a good property manager.  When I first started buying real estate I hired a very good property manager.  I kept a close eye and always invested in repairs or upgrades when needed.  I am very happy to say that from the first day to now, I am very pleased with my investment.  I normally have a return in excess of 20%.  My income and the value of my investment doesn't change when the market take a dive.  My retirment is in place.

Even though real estate has declined in value recently, that did not lower my rents.  Our local economy is good and actually the demand for rentals increased because it was harder for buyers and they believed prices were too high.

Back to what I said earlier, now is a great time to buy real estate; when the economy is suffering, there will be sellers that will lower their prices, banks with reposessions and generally a buyers market.  So talk to your loan officer (at The Mortgage Superstore) find out how much money you will need and then be ready.  the very best deals on real estate are available for a short time.  You have to jump on the opportunities.  If you don't have a good real estate agent, you need one.  Ask your loan officer; they know the best agents in town.

Real Estate is a great investment - call me or come by The Mortgage Superstore let's put you on your way to becoming a Real Estate Investor!


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